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I. Installation of backrest

II. Installation of pallets

III. Installation of Five-Star Foot

IV. Completion of Installation



Safety Instructions

1. This product can only be used as chairs, please do not make other purpose.

2. Prohibit to step on the chair or used as ladder in case of tumble.

3. Please make sure to cover soft cloth on hard floor under the chair in case of damage.

4. Please use the product on horizontal plane.

5. Please pay attention to the risk when move under the situation of loading.

6. Do not place hot objects around chairs in case of fire risk.

7. Avoid direct sunlight for long time.

8. Prohibit to use near fireworks or wet places.

9. Please wipe chairs with soft dry cloth when cleaning and corrosive cleaners are strictly prohibited.

10. Prohibit to disassemble the air bar and other parts.

11. This product is only for one person use, it would be dangerous if more than two person sit.

Function Attentions

● When no one sitting in the gaming chair,do not pull the angle adjuster wrench.

● Caution nipping hands when you pull the angle adjuster.

● When tilting,do not adjust the angle beyond the limit.

● When lying flat on the backrest,pls lock the happy function button.

● When happy function,do not adjust the elevation angle of backrest.

● When lying flat on the backrest, keep your feet on the ground and do not push your head back on the headrest area to prevent dumping.

Use Attentions

● Do not sit on the edge of the seat cushion or other improper position.

● This gaming chair is for single adult use only. Do not stand or kneel on it.

● This product is chair. Do not use it as a ladder or wheelchair or other articles.

● Make sure the right seating position.When sitting on the chair,keep your feet on the ground.

● When adjusting the gaming chair height,pls pull up handle under the chair and do not pull down hard.

Maintenance Attentions

● Avoid direct sunlight exposure, strictly prohibit exposure to strong light, prevent the aging of plastics.

● Each month,please check whether the seat screw and other parts are loose or shifted to ensure safe use.

● In case of abnormal or damaged parts, please contact the local distributor or purchase customer service.Do not continue to use.

● When cleaning the seat, do not rub vigorously to avoid damaging the surface fabric/leather of the seat.Do not clean it with highly corrosive detergent.