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I. Installation of backrest

II. Installation of pallets

III. Installation of Five-Star Foot

IV. Completion of Installation

Matters needing attention in installation and use

1. During installation, wear working gloves to prevent injury.

2. When adjusting the seat height, please pull the handle under the seat cushion upward, and do not pull it down forcefully.

3. When using the seat angle adjuster, please use it carefully to prevent gripping.

4. When adjusting the backrest elevation angle, do not adjust the angle of violence beyond the limit.

5. Do not adjust the backrest elevation when using the function of relaxation.

6. When you lie on your back, please turn off the function of relaxation.

7. When lying flat on the back, keep your feet on the ground and your head on the top of your back to prevent dumping.

8. This product is a seat. Do not use it as a ladder or wheelchair.

9. This seat is for single adult use only. Do not stand or kneel on the seat.

10. Do not sit on the edge of the seat cushion or on the armrest.

11. Avoid direct sunlight exposure, and strictly prohibit exposure to strong light to prevent the aging of plastics;

12. When cleaning the seat, do not rub it vigorously to avoid damaging the epidermis. Do not clean it with highly corrosive detergent.

13. Please check whether the seat screw and other parts are loose or shifted every month to ensure safe use.

14. If there is any abnormal or damaged parts, please contact the local distributor and never use them again.