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Warranty Items

SeatSeat frameLifetimeAir liftTwo years
Seat supporting baseTwo yearsPU CasterTwo years
Five-star foot baseTwo yearsArmrestTwo years
Angle AdjusterTwo years

* Attention:The seat leather/fabric is consumable,please check the leather/fabric carefully after receiving chair and contact us soonest if there is any damage on the surface. Damage after assembly or during the use is not covered by the warranty.

Items of no-warranty

Our commitment to product quality assurance does not include the following:

Damage due to improper use or installation, as well as intentional or unintentional damage which doesn't follow the "Assembly Instruction"

Damage caused by force majeure(e.g. natural disaster, war, etc.

Product obtained through illegal means, illegal channel and other unofficially recognized approaches.

Return/Exchange instruction

1. If the goods are returned or replaced more than 7 days after receipt without quality problems or other circumstances that are not caused by merchants, the goods shall not be returned.(counting from the early morning of the next day after product receipt by customers according to the system)

2.In order to avoid secondary damage caused during transportation, the original packing box, packing materials and original packing method must be used when returning or exchanging the goods. If the products are damaged due to improper packing (including but not limited to not use the original packing box, packing materials and original packing method), our company has the right to ask applicant to pay for additional losses caused by above reasons according to the actual situation. If there is any quality problems, please provide relevant documents when returning or exchanging the product.

3.If there is a gift, the buyer shall ensure that the gift is intact and return together. If the gift can not be returned due to the reason of the buyer, or the gift is damaged or lost on the way of returning, the seller shall not refuse to refund or exchange but may deduct relevant amount from the payment according to the value of the gift.

4.The package should be returned with a mark of following text: Contact information of the buyer, reasons of returning (PS: If the package is returned due to quality problems, please describe problems in detail. If there is no quality problem, please indicate the reason for returning.

5. In order to ensure the quality of service and improve the efficiency of after-sales service, Please comply with the contents of the after-sales warranty card. Dut to the incomplete information of reasons for returning, or the information does not accord with the actual returning goods, as well as other reasons from buyer(including reasons of selected express) that causing lost or express delivery could not be served or other reasons which are against to after-sales service, the fees incurred and the related responsibility shall be borne by the buyers.

Complaints and Suggestions

Please fell free to contact Victorage for any suggestions or comments, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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