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product details

Exquisite craftsmanship with meticulosity


Victorage persistently insist on the E-sports area from the first beginning, showing respect to players as well as ourselves with perfect masterpiece. Focusing on players and pursuing persistently in the professional field is our attitude. Paying high attention to details and pursuing extreme perfection to improve our quality level from 99% to 99.99%.


Appearance advantages

1.Manual polishing curve

Inside foam shape is purely hand-polished especially for the waist and neck curve, to satisfy every part of body comfortably.


2.Integrated seat cushion

Breaking through the tradition, the design of integrated seat cushion is better to clean and make life more comfortable on the spacious seat space.


3.Exquisite embroidery/colorful printing

Golden embroidery thread is sewn on the top of seat back. The logo of Victorage shows various characters under the exquisite embroidery technology. With meticulous and clear printing technology, the bold and strange ideas of designers have been achieved, presenting individual characters.


4. Classic black and white

Black and white classical color, sharp lines but just the back of the chair and human body seating cleverly combined, publicity and stability.

Core advantages


1.Invisibility technology of seat frame

Applying the international advanced foaming technology, the steel frame is completely hidden inside the high-density foam with extraordinary comfort.


2.Double-density foam

Victorage has devoted to study every intimate touch between the body and the seat. The application of double-density foam technology is a little more picky about the quality.


Safety performance foam 

Inserted with eco-friendly foam and covered with zero-solvent PU leather, even the application of electrophoresis painting technology for seat frame, Victorage protect players through every step.

2.SGS 4-grade air lift cylinder

 Certified by European standard, the air life is safer and easier handing. 


3.Anti-explosion safety design 

The players are always the first consideration according to the design concept of Victorage. We are not only critical of each material, but also think further about the design of bottom anti-explosion frame to ensure the safety of consumers

High quality accessories 


1.Full angle adjuster

Full angle adjuster with high strength has a better supporting performance and can improve the stability of seat. Compact design and small/light part make the chair more sophisticated.


2.Frog mechanism base

All the products of Victorage only use high quality frog mechanism base from selected supplier. The high performance of stability bring higher comfort.


3.Mute caster

Mute caster bound with PU leather bring a non-disturbing gaming world for players and make every operation joyful and delighting!




1.Ergonomic E-sport armrest

Unlock different gestures for players with 4D armrest.


2.Unlimited adjustment of postures

With high quality adjuster and air lift cylinder, every player can find the most suitable position.

3.Rock function

Lying for rest or sleep at noon with rock function can make us forget all the troubles.

 VP06-90-VIG Business Office Chair