Common Problems and Solutions
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Common Problems and Solutions

Q: Why do two chairs of same style have different sponge softness?
A: Victorage seats apply hardness testing equipment to test sponges with an error range of ±5°. Therefore it can be exactly same for all sponges’ hardness. But all the errors are in an allowed range which is not the quality problem of product.
Q: Why the leather wrinkle?
Q: What if the caster can't be pushed into or pulled out of the chair?
Q: How to separate the air lift and tray?
Q: The caster has noise?
Q: Why does the new chair would have noise when reclining
Q: Why does the seat back sway?
Q: When the chair cushion with frog mechanism base is fixed at a reclining angle, it can’t be recovered
Q: Is the air life safe?