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Design Concept

As a professional car seat manufacturer for more than 20 years, "dream, sincerity, ingenuity" has always been Victorage's corporate attitude! After entering the field of e-sports, Victorage pays tribute to e-sports players with perfect works!


Victorage's works are all user-centric, impressing users with a more comfortable experience and advanced quality. In the professional field, we constantly strive for perfection and excellence. The seats designed with ergonomic principles are hand-polished according to precise data only to achieve the ultimate product.


The trend is the direction that Victorage gaming chairs have been working hard on. We combine the technology of the super sports car seat with the concept of the new era game chair. The skeleton is integrated with foam foam, and the all-steel skeleton is completely covered in high-density foam, which truly maximizes comfort! 


Victorage is committed to adjusting the density of the sponge and improving the product repeatedly according to different sitting positions and focus. In addition, we insist on the use of environmentally friendly materials, including sponges, leather, skeletons, and other materials that need to meet environmental protection, flame retardant, and odorless standards, check every layer, and use the longest company to protect the health of consumers around the world.


2020 is another year for e-sports to create a brilliant future, and a year for Victorage to continue to break through. As the successor, Victorage uses its 20 years of professional technology and car seat manufacturing experience, as well as the spirit of e-sports to enter the new era of e-sports seats at a higher level!

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