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Company Profile

Victorage Inc is a gaming tech company specializing in designing and manufacturing gaming seats with high quality materials. With over 20 years of excellence in precision engineering and user comfort studies, we create designs to deliver the comfort and lifestyle of high end racing chairs, allowing the majority of time spent sitting and doing what we love more enjoyable.

"Dream, Sincerity, Craftsmanship" is the motto of Victorage. Dream depicts devotion and persistence in the E-sports arena, showing respect to players as well as ourselves with perfect masterpieces; Sincerity is our user-oriented attitude, impressing customers with greater experience in comfort and high quality; Craftsmanship represents our continuous pursuit of excellence in the professional field. With cutting edge technology and expertise in car seats manufacturing, Victorage creates a new era of gaming chairs higher in quality, comfort, and performance.


Invisibility technology of seat frame: Victorage research and design it independently and set up a integrated foam-frame production line. With the international advanced foaming technology, the steel frame is completely covered inside the high-density foam. The thickness of our foam is 3.47 times than similar products in the market, raising the comfortable feeling to extremely high level with real materials.

Double-density foam: based on 20 years of market feedback data, victorage has devoted to study every intimate touch between the body and the seat, adjusted the foam density and improved product repeatedly according to the different sitting posture and different stress point of the body. The application of double-density foam technology is a little more picky about the product.

Environment-friendly anti-flaming material: Inserted with environment-friendly non-toxic foam and covered with zero-solvent PU leather, Victorage refuses to use recycled materials. Adopting environment-friendly anti-flaming material, odorlessness is a key step for Victorage to protect consumers' health.

2.5T frame pressure-bearing: The impact resistance of full steel frame can reach 2.5T with excellent supporting performance. We apply electrophoresis painting technology for external part with environment-friendly resin material to ensure healthy and odorless.

Anti-explosion safety design: The players are always the first consideration according to the design concept of Victorage. We are not only critical of each material, but also think further about the design of bottom anti-explosion frame to ensure the safety of comsumers.

Luxury car infinite angle adjustor: High strength infinite angle adjustor has a higher supporting performance and can improve the stability of seat back. Compact design and small/light part make the chair more sophisticated.

Pure manual polishing curve: In the beginning of each design, every curve of the foam is purely hand-polished especially for the waist and neck curve, to satisfy every part of body comfortably.